As an experienced operator in large scale transmission, distribution, sub-station construction and maintenance projects, LivePower has the know-how to deliver your project successfully. Today, we harness that experience - delivering project management, personnel and plant hire - ensuring your next project runs smoothly and on time.

Linecrew Labour Hire - Linepersons / Riggers

LivePower is able to provide qualified and experienced line crew to support contractors undertaking large scale maintenance and construction projects to assist in smoothing out line crew requirements. All lineperson’s competencies, skills and experience are carefully assessed to ensure the linesperson can fulfil the project requirements and bring about a successful outcome to the contractor’s project.

Hiab Crane Borers

Andrew Findlay introduced Hiab Borers to the WA powerline industry in 2005 as an alternative to the existing crane borer. These Hiab Borers can perform all the functions of a crane borer but are more nimble and easier to set up and operate than the crane borer. They include large flat deck spaces which allow for line materials, transformers and cable drums to be transported to site and excess materials and site waste to be transported away.
The concept was so successful that it was copied by Transfield Services, Western Power and West Coast Energy as well as several other smaller contractors. The LivePower Hiab Borers however remained in strong demand due to their reliability and performance. Each Hiab Borer has been custom built with added strength and ruggedness as well as additional extra features that facilitates ease of operation for safe and efficient completion of tasks on site even in difficult terrain.

Hiab Borer Tasks:

  • Auger boring
  • Pole, transformer and crossarm changes
  • Stump pulling
  • Installation of screw (chance) anchors
  • Hydraulic pole tamper

Extra Features:

  • Remote control cranes
  • Flat top deck lengths up to 6 metres
  • Automatic tyre deflation systems for sandy ground
  • 4×4 also available with winch
  • Transportation of materials to and from site
  • Protective side rails for safe transport of materials to site and waste from site
  • Transportation of up to four 12.5m poles at one time

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