Logistics & Cranes

LivePower responds to requests for delivery to multiple locations and provides seamless support in any location, however remote.

Remote control cranes reduce the need for non-essential personnel; minimising costs for our customers.
We can provide the right staff, when customers need them, wherever they need them.

Open and honest communication throughout projects help us to understand our customers’ goals and provide service excellence.

Hiab Cranes

LivePower's  Hiab Cranes are well designed and extremely heavy duty.  An asset in all areas of transport and construction, our equipment is practical and extremely robust.  Whether the loading, unloading and transport of goods is long distance by highway or off road, our Hiab Crane combinations are designed to achieve a successful and safe delivery every time.   Our equipment includes: 

  • Hiab Cranes from 17 metre tonne to 36 metre tonne
  • Flat top deck lengths to 6 metres
  • Remote control
  • Side panels for greater load security
  • Overhead racks able to carry single lengths up to 12.5m
  • 4x4 capabilities
  • Winch capabilities
  • Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Accreditation
  • Experienced and safe operators

Prime Movers with Hiab Cranes

LivePower also provides prime movers with hiab cranes for heavy or larger deliveries or heavy lift construction requirements even when no transport is required.

These cranes range from 24 metre tonne to 36 metre tonne.

Low loader trailers are up to 13.5 metres in length and are also available with removable side panels for greater load security.