Asset Locating

LivePower has the equipment, experience and resources to manage our customers’ entire underground asset locating needs, including steel, concrete, fibre-optic, electrical and communication.

Our teams are fully accredited and have extensive experience in locating conductive and non-conductive assets including: 

  • Water
  • Sewer and storm water 
  • Gas, including High Pressure 
  • Power Cables
  • Fibre Optic 
  • Telstra / telecommunications assets. 
We review customer projects carefully and provide recommendations on how best to achieve complete and cost-effective asset protection. We provide peace of mind by locating all underground assets before safety is compromised and communicating that information to our customers so their projects can proceed efficiently. 

A member of the National Underground Locating Association

High Pressure Gas Locating

LivePower is one of only a limited number of companies that has the accreditation, experience and personnel to safely oversee project works that come within the safety clearances of the high pressure gas network. 

Any excavation within 15m of the ATCO Gas Australia high pressure gas network requires a high pressure gas permit. If work is within 5m of a HP Gas pipe or at the requirement of ATCO if work is over 5m from a HP Gas pipe, a high pressure gas accredited locator may also be required to supervise works. LivePower personnel can assess your project plans, apply for permits and provide the necessary supervision to ensure that your site remains safe and operates within the permit conditions.

 Cable Locating Equipment & GPR

Cable Locators are used to assist in the tracing of conductive pipes and cables such as copper communication cables and steel pipe, while ground penetrating radar (GPR) allows for a non-destructive view of underground view of assets, both conductive, as well as non-conductive pipework including PVC or PE water, sewer or gas pipes and even optic fibre cable.

LivePower can also apply for all 'Dial Before You Dig' plans on our customer's behalf and print, co-ordinate and assess the locating requirements of the site prior to the commencement of their works.  If site locating works are required, these can either be done a couple of days prior to commencement of our customer's works as a pre-locate or if our customer prefers that our personnel be on site during the works then this can be arranged too.  The choice is theirs. 

Vacuum Excavation

To confirm identified electronic "locations”, LivePower uses vacuum excavation for a non-destructive method of pot holing. This process allows for a confirmed position and depth below ground of the targeted asset.

Vacuum excavation has can also be used for non-locating activities such as bollard installation, fencing posts, excavation in areas of no or limited vehicle access and pit cleaning. 

Our Customers

Some of our regular customers include: 

  • Western Power
  • Cabling WA
  • Local WA Government
  • FenceWright Pty Ltd
  • Tracc Civil
  • West Coast Energy
  • Powerlines Plus
  • Douglas Partners
  • Pyramid Construction